The final trailer for Season 4 of the darkly ingenious Black Mirror has been released – and it finally gives us a premiere date for the series’ return.

From the mind of Charlie Brooker, Black Mirror is a collection of dark, satirical, sci-fi stories, which usually focus on the unfortunate consequences our society’s obsession with the latest technological advances. Beginning in the UK on Channel 4, the series ran for two seasons before being picked up for a third and fourth season by streaming giant, Netflix, after the original episodes proved a hit among subscribers.

Black Mirror has gone from strength to strength with each new season, both with audiences and critics, with Season 3 standout “San Junipero” – a tale of a love affair that transcends death itself – going on to win an Emmy.

With a track record like this, fans have been excitedly waiting for the debut of Season 4 of Black Mirror, and when it didn’t arrive on Netflix’s most recent list of new arrivals, many assumed that this meant new episode wouldn’t arrive until 2018.

However, today’s final trailer confirms the release date as December 29th, meaning Season 4 will drop just days before the new year.

The six new episodes include: “Crocodile” – a story set in a world where people’s memories can be reproduced on video via tech; “Hang the DJ” – a look at how dating works in a world where one’s life is predetermined; “Metalhead” – a suspenseful piece, and the series’ first black and white episode; “Arkangel” – exploring the lengths a worried parent will go to in order to protect their child; “U.S.S. Callister” – a homage to Star Trek; and “Black Museum” – a 90-minute anthology within the anthology.

Watch Black Mirror Season 4 on Netflix, December 29th

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