After his rough ride in Non-Stop, and now this latest thriller, it seems that Liam Neeson’s bad luck on transport is set to continue, as he’s the businessman at the raw end of a terrible deal in The Commuter.

Neeson plays Michael Woolwich, a seemingly ordinary business man who boards the same train every morning as he goes to work. However, one morning, he’s approached by Vera Farmiga’s Joanna, who offers him an odd, and somewhat sinister proposition – he can have $75,000 if he can identify who on the train doesn’t belong.

First, Michael shrugs it off as a silly gamble, however then the stakes begin to rise. The clock ticks, and people begin to die, Michael realises that Joanna and her co-conspirators might be more dangerous than he thought. Let’s hope he’s still got some of those skills up his sleeve.

Other members of The Commuter’s cast include, Patrick Wilson, Sam Neill, Jonathan Banks and Elizabeth McGovern. The film also sees Neeson reunited with regular collaborator Jaume Collet-Serra.

The Commuter is set for release on January 12th in the US, and January 19th in the UK.

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