Director: James Mangold
Writer(s): David James Kelly, Michael Green
Starring: Hugh Jackman, Boyd Holbrook, Patrick Stewart, Stephen Merchant, Eriq LaSalle, Sienna Novikov

It’s finally here. The first trailer for Hugh Jackman‘s last tour as the ol’ Cannucklehead Wolverine in Logan.

Set in a somewhat dystopian future Logan and Professor X must survive in world without the X-Men when the goons behind the mysterious (not really) corporation led by Nathaniel Essex is set to control the world and everyone on it. With Wolverine’s healing factor fading and the Professor’s mind being lost to Alzheimer’s they must join forces to stop Essex’s sinister plans (!) with the help of a young girl called Laura who has the powers and abilities of Wolverine.

Way back in April we announced that Narcos actor Boyd Holbrook was to star in the movie that would become the third and final outing for Jackman, but as to who he was playing would be mired in mystery. It wasn’t until recently that we discovered that he was put in the role of man-cyborg and all-around lunatic Donald Pierce. Another exciting element of the story would come in the form of adding Wolverine’s female clone Laura Kinney (better known as X-23) who was shown to us briefly in a recent poster.

Certain visuals in the trailer also show us a rather large and violent band of mercenaries leading an attack on the Cannuck leading to us wonder if the Reavers will be making a prominent appearance in the movie, especially seeing how Pierce is a member of them.

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The biggest mystery left is discovering who will be playing the geneticist Essex. Eriq LaSalle’s character has yet to be confirmed so if he turns out to be the bad guy it will make this devout ER fan (me!) very, very happy.

This is just the first trailer so expect more in the coming months.

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