Transformers has come a long way since the original toy line was released in the ‘80s, becoming a worldwide million-dollar film franchise, and now one of the franchise’s producers wants Autobot leader, Optimus Prime to have his moment.

1984 saw not only the release of the Transformers toy line, but also the start of the comics and animated series, simply entitled, The Transformers. From this, Peter Cullen became the voice of leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime – a voice that was so iconic that Michael Bay cast him as Optimus when the Transformers hit the big screen. Optimus Prime is a character so synonymous with the franchise that he’s really earned the right to his own big screen venture, and it could become a reality.

When speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventure revealed that there were many changes made to Bumblebee in order to try and save the franchise. He explained that Bumblebee was chosen for the first solo film because of his popularity among fans, but when talking about potentially making an Optimus Prime film, he said, “I’d certainly like to do that. It would be a very different kind of movie than a Bumblebee movie, but equally interesting and different.”

It would certainly be a film that Transformers fans would want to see, but the chances of it happening will likely depend on how Bumblebee performs at the box office upon release, as the last in the Michael Bay Transformers franchise hit an all-time low for the series, causing Paramount to carefully consider their strategy moving forward.

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