FF14 give away starts from today until 24th August, FF14 players can get their hands on both the Heavenscracker and the Fat Black Chocobo in-game items by making use of Twitch’s gift subscription service when select streamers are broadcasting their adventures in Eorzea.

FF14 Fat Black Chocobo Mount
FF14 Fat Black Chocobo Mount

Viewers that gift one subscription in participating channels will receive 100 of the in-game Deluxe Heavenscracker items, while gifting four total subscriptions will grant them the Fat Black Chocobo Whistle, used to summon the in-game mount. Gifted subscriptions can be distributed in one channel or multiple channels, and the items can be received only once per Twitch account.

Participating streamers must be broadcasting FF14 at the time the gifted subscription is given. Further details on the programme along with the full list of participating streamers can be found here

To claim your item codes you have to have an active account that’s not on the free trial but if you’re still making the most of the free trial don’t worry you can save the codes somewhere safe and use them at a later date when you are actively subbed to the game.

If you want more details on Twitch’s gift subscription options, including pricing, it can be found here

If you have been thinking about giving in to the recent FF14 hype I’d definitely recommend starting with their extremely generous free trial, that included the original base game and Heavensward the first expansion.

The fourth expansion pack of the FF14 saga, Endwalker, is scheduled to release 23rd November, 2021 for PC, Mac, PlayStation5 and PlayStation4. Endwalker is the culmination of the Hydaelyn and Zodiark story that will bring an abundance of new content, including two new jobs, an increased level cap, a new areas, adjustments to the battle system, as well as a variety of new battle, crafter and gatherer content.

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