It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: losing your beloved child. And, for Twitch streamer MikeyPerk, that nightmare has become a reality as police search for his daughter.

Mikey’s daughter, Sarah, snuck out of the family home on June 25th to go to a party at a hotel and has not been seen since. The influencer has taken to Twitter and YouTube to explain that they have been unable to contact her since then, her phone seems to be dead, friends have no idea where the teenager could be, and local police have not been able to track her.

Hoping to get more eyes looking for her, MikeyPerk released pictures, video and a detailed description of his child, in the hopes that someone would come forward with information about her whereabouts.

Many police departments in Ohio are looking for the teen, and possible locations where she was last seen have been given.

Sarah’s photo is shown in the tweet below and more information is in the YouTube video linked in it.

Sarah is 5’2” and has a small tattoo on her right forearm. Possible locations for where she could be have been named as Franklin, Springborough, and Middletown, Ohio. People who see her have been asked to contact local authorities immediately, all of whom are aware of her being missing.

If anyone from Ohio, or anywhere else for that matter, sees her, please contact local police and email Mikey at

Our thoughts and prayers are with Mikey, and we would ask you to please share this post on your social media to help find his daughter.

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