It turns out we haven’t seen the last of Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) and his symbiote “friend”, as it has been announced that Sony is moving forward with a sequel to Venom.

Variety was first to break the news of the sequel, confirming that screenwriter Kelly Marcel will be returning to pen the antihero’s second outing, as well as producing the follow-up.

Sony declined to comment.

Venom grossed a massive $855 million worldwide, and the news of this sequel comes on the heels of Sony recently setting an untitled Marvel sequel’s release date as October, 2020. Naturally, comic fans put the pieces together, believing that this slot was for Venom 2, giving it the same release as the first film.

Expected to return with Hardy are Michelle Williams and Woody Harrelson, the latter of which will portray villain Carnage in the sequel. A director is yet to be set, and it is unlikely that Reuben Fleischer will return, as he will be too busy working on Sony’s Zombieland sequel.

More on the Venom sequel when we have it.

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