The social media account for the upcoming Venom film, starring Tom Hardy, has teased the beginning of production.

Although Sony scored a hit by teaming up with Marvel for Spider-Man: Homecoming, the studio is adamant about going it alone on a series of films based on the webslinger’s supporting characters – meaning that the film will exist outside of the MCU. Building up the film around Spider-Man’s nemesis doppelgänger is a big risk which could potentially reap high rewards that could allow for a whole new series of films for the studio.

So far, Sony’s efforts have bagged them a high-profile lead in the form of Tom Hardy, who joins Zombieland’s Ruben Fleischer who’s been brought on to direct, and a supporting cast of recognisable names who have appeared the closer the film has reached to production.

The Twitter account for Venom delivered the news that Day 1 of production was underway, by posting a photo of Hardy on set, with two others. And while the image doesn’t offer up any actual images from filming, it does serve as proof that the movie is actually happening.

This is a fresh start for Sony’s Spider-verse, after a two series of films that received a lukewarm reception from audiences. This puts an awful lot of pressure on Venom to perform at the box office. However, it is looking more and more likely that the film will do well as it boasts not just a talented lead, but a series of talented supporting actors such as Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams, Jenny Slate, Reid Scott and Scott Haze.

Venom will come up against stiff competition next year with Marvel Studios, 20th Century Fox, and Warner Bros., all dishing out superhero films in 2018. But, the film has already been described as a horror/sci-fi film, that’s gunning for an R-rating, Sony may have found the perfect formula to make Venom a success.

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