Since the R-rated release of films like Logan and Deadpool, fans have been eagerly awaiting Sony’s Venom – but it seems that Sony has changed its mind, in favour of a more family-friendly PG-13.

Variety has reported that it is becoming increasingly unlikely that Venom will be the studio’s first R-rated Marvel flick, with many of the Sony team thinking that they should be pushing the boundaries of the PG-13 constraints, without actually taking the rating to the next level. With the cast and crew stepping out in LA for reshoots, it seems that Venom may be undergoing tweaks to tailor the film for a lower age bracket.

The report claims that Sony are dialling down the gore in order for future Spider-Man spinoffs to maintain the family-friendly theme that the webslinger is known for, meaning that an R-rated version of the character could be difficult to place in any other films without issue.

Venom is set to hit theatres on October 5th.

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