Not long ago we spoke of how the eighties provided youths with great animated shows that continued to have an enormous impact on their lives from then into their adult years. Voltron: Defenders of the Universe was another great show that was part of that ethos.

Originally a 1984 series that ran in two parts, over 72 episodes within the year of its syndicated broadcast. The first season was roughly based on Japanese anime series Beast King GoLion, whereas the second season was based on an unrelated show called ‘Armoured Fleet Dairugger‘.

Despite being short-lived, it spawned another two series, several comic book titles, video games and a tonne of merchandise becoming a much-loved cult hit with viewers and readers, young and old(er).

Back in January, Netflix announced that it was going to team up with Dreamworks TV to produce a new 13-episode series entitled Voltron: Legendary Protector and follow the same storyline as its previous incarnations.

Check out the trailer:

The story sees 5 young pilots command five robotic lions that when combined form the super-powerful gestalt figure Voltron, while facing the villainy of Emperor Zeppo and King Zarkon from the planet Drule, who are hellbent on control of the whole universe. Don’t they realise just how vast space really is? Good luck with that.

The new series seems to carry the same pattern but with more quirky dialogue and action sequences.


You’d be forgiven in thinking that the animation and facial expressions is reminiscent of older anime shows like ‘Gatchaman‘ but they all follow the basic character archetypes, which are beneficial in all storytelling and appearance. What impresses me most is the production team behind it all. The executive producer is Joaquim Dos Santos of Justice League Umlimited fame (amazing ‘toon), and Lauren Montogomery (Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths). If these very talented individuals are running the show then you can be sure this new incarnation of the Voltron story will be another success and I cannot wait for its release.

Writers: Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery
Voices by: Josh Keaton, Taylor Labine, Jeremy Shada, Bex Taylor-Klaus, Steven Yuen, Rhys Darby, Kimberly Brooks, Cree Summer
Released: June 10th 2016 on Netflix

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