The Walking Dead has released a new trailer teasing what’s to come when Season 9 returns, following the midseason finale.

Three weeks after the departure of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), AMC’s apocalyptic series continued with threats coming from two fronts – Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and brand-new antagonists, The Whisperers.

The midseason finale saw The Whisperers debut in a big way, as they killed Jesus (Tom Payne) as a warning against those who might attempt to invade their territory. From the trailer it seems this is only the start of what will be a prickly relationship between this new group and the Alexandrians.

AMC’s newly-released trailer seems to show that the series will officially establish The Whisperers as a formidable threat, including our first look at the group’s Alpha (Samantha Morton) and Beta (Ryan Hurst) in action. Based on comments made by those involved in the series, TWD will be sticking closely to how The Whisperers and their members have been portrayed in the comic books.

Meanwhile, after having little screentime in the first half of Season 9, Negan appears to be back in the limelight, getting some needed focus in the teaser. After escaping his imprisonment, it will be interesting to see what Negan is going to do next, perhaps with a more threatening enemy on the horizon, we might see him wield Lucille for the good guys for a change.

The Walking Dead returns in February 2019.

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