Did this years CinemaCon have a theme for film makers because sequels seem to be all that we’re hearing about.

Actor Warren Beatty, who starred and directed in the 1990 cinematic adaptation of the comic strip said that he is considering doing a sequel. “I’m serious about it, but I am slow about these things.”


If you’ve never heard of Dick Tracy, he started out as a comic strip in the Detroit Mirror in 1931, created by Chester Gould. He is a tough, no-nonsense police detective who used forensic science, various gadgets and his keen repartee to solve crimes. His rogues gallery included Flattop, B.O., The Brow, and Big Boy Caprice

Beatty, best known for Bonnie and Clyde, Shampoo, Heaven Can Wait, Reds, is currently working on his Howard Hughes movie (and finally has a release date) has been out of the limelight for a while and is keen to get back to playing the strip character he enjoyed portraying alongside Al Pacino, William Forsythe and Madonna. A sequel would have happened sooner but a legal dispute between Betty and Tribune Media held it up.

The 1990 movie was an extremely stylized version Dick Tracy and while it was star-studded and received praise for giving light to a dark story and character it was heavily panned for being cartoonish and having virtually no plot. Yet, it raked in some serious audience numbers and takings to match.

Dick Tracy [b]

On whether we’ll really see the sequel, New Regency Productions producer Arnon Milchan says that Beatty is “very serious” about returning. Milchan is also serving as producer for the upcoming Assassins Creed movie starring Michael Fassbender.

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