Metal Gear Survive is the latest game from Konami and uses assets and environments from The Phantom Pain but adds in zombies and other supernatural elements. Up until now it had been unclear as to exactly what this game would. Today, we are a little closer to finding out with a six-minute gameplay trailer being released.

The trailer suggests that there will be a narrative element to the proceedings with cutscenes and story beats. There’s also a crafting system in which the player is shown cutting down trees and scavenging parts to build weapons and fortifications. Environmental traps are also featured in the trailer, showing a player crafting a slipmat then luring the crystal-zombies onto it, causing them to plummet off of a cliff.

There’s wildlife to hunt, the fulton system is back and a bow and arrow is shown extensively. Metal Gear Survive has a lot to live up to, with fans already slating it as a cash grab from Konami following their departure with series creator Hideo Kojima.

It definitely looks varied and seems to be different enough to the core game to warrant a separate release. We will have to wait and see if the game can overcome the uphill battle it is facing when it launches February 20. There is a beta running between January 21 and 23 for Xbox One and PS4 users. Check out the gameplay trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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