Progress is slow and steady on HBO’s Watchmen TV adaptation, however the series pilot has landed The Leftovers director Nicole Kassell.

The iconic graphic novel from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, was released in the ’80s, however its first venture into live-action came courtesy of Zack Snyder, who would later go on to be the driving force of the DCEU. Snyder’s adaptation gained mixed reviews, with some enjoying the visual style, mature tone and action, while others were annoyed that Snyder didn’t always stay true to the source material. Though this isn’t hugely surprising, given that many fans believe that Watchmen is impossible to put on screen.

However, they are trying again. The new project, coming from HBO as a TV series, rather than a feature-length film, will be helmed by Lost’s Damon Lindelof as showrunner. Filming was previously reported to be starting this March, but other than that, little is known about the forthcoming Watchmen series.

In terms of the cast, there has been no information other than Patrick Wilson has expressed an interest in reprising his role of Nite Owl, and WWE Superstar John Cena has hinted at some kind of involvement.

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that HBO’s Watchmen has found its director – at least for the pilot episode. Nicole Kassell (who is also acting as an executive producer) will reteam with Lindelof, after having directed two episodes of The Leftovers in 2015 and 2017, as well as having worked on series such as The Killing, Better Call Saul, and The Following.

Kassell’s work on The Leftovers was well-received, and therefore this reunion can only be a good sign, as she has a great track record of working on series with challenging elements.

Though the announcement of Kassell’s involvement is good news for Watchmen fans, it still remains that the new series is going to be incredibly difficult to successfully execute and will most likely disappoint a certain amount of the graphic novel’s fanbase.

However, we will bring you more on HBO’s Watchmen when we have it.

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