Creepy dystopian action game We Happy Few was all set for an April 13 release but developer Compulsion Games have just pushed the game back into Summer. There is some good news though in the form of a new character.

Speaking in a developer blog video, Sam Abbott and Guillaume Provost explain that the delay is to fix pacing issues with the game. “Throughout the game there’s three playable characters and these memorable moments, super weird one which we’re really excited to show you. But the first two hours of Arthur’s story just didn’t match those moments at all” Abbott explained, adding “we’ve brought forward some story moments, things that would have happened later now happen much earlier, and we’ve rebuilt the whole first island of Arthur.”

The pair then draw attention to the fact that the entire team will keep working on the game right up to release, and will be continuing the weekly updates to let players know what is happening. You can check out the video below which includes a brief segment for the game introducing new character Sally.

Set in the fictional English Village of Wellington Wells, We Happy Few imagines a dystopian alternate history of World War 2. Blending elements of classic 60’s style with futuristic and Orwellian themes, We Happy Few is a drug filled indie survival horror. The player must escape the inhabitants of Wellington Wells who, high on hallucinogens, are trying to kill them for being a “Downer”. The game oozes charm and is inspired by Monty Python, Nineteen Eighty-Four, A Clockwork Orange and Doctor Who to name a few.

We Happy Few is Compulsion Games’ second game following its 2013 game Contrast and was successfully funded on Kickstarter back in July 2015. We Happy Few is set to release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC this summer.

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