Remember that super realistic video set in apartment showcasing the power of Unreal Engine 4? That was some jaw-dropping graphics, let’s agree on that one.

Anyway, that video was released more than one year ago. And since then – technology evolved, graphics in video games as well. Take Star Wars: Battlefront as an perfect example: even if the game wasn’t built on Unreal Engine, Frostbite 3 also did the trick and amazed all of the players with beautifully built and almost realistically looking environments. But it seems that artists and 3D modelers won’t stop just yet…


Star Wars: Battlefront wasn’t mentioned just for pure appraisal – the way the environments in the game were created just been taken to a whole new level. Just take a look at the picture above… It’s not a photograph, don’t let your eyes fool you.

It is “scanning” or “photogrammetry” as they call it. And by ‘them’ I mean artists who took a lot of photos of this environment, scanned it, meshed it together and using the new and powerful Unreal Engine 4 – made it into this possibly way too realistic looking environment that you see now. Just check the video below and see for yourself:

That is a 3D environment that runs in 4K in real-time, meaning that this is what we can be having in future video games. Graphics like this plus Virtual Technology we have now all combined… Just do the math and you will see what a bright and super realistic future we’re going to have.

If you want to dig deeper into this “photogrammetry” business, just read EA’s blog explaining how they made Star Wars: Battlefront’s environments you saw whilst playing the game. And below you will find a few more pictures of this beautiful graphics in case you still haven’t watched the video.


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