Westworld Season 2 is set to reveal that the previously known ‘Samurai World’ is actually a park called ShogunWorld.

The first season teased a lot of mysteries that there simply wasn’t time to resolve in the episodes they had, and naturally, this has led to curiosity over Season 2 reaching incredible new heights. However, in amongst all the other questions we were left with, the biggest potential thread for the second season is the idea of exploring other parks.

Westworld’s Season 1 finale confirmed the existence of another park, inspired by feudal Japan, with a logo which read ‘SW.’ Immediately, fans began to call this ‘Samurai World’, however the information about what the park really is has been scarce. It’s been confirmed that Westworld’s forthcoming season will go outside the park, hinting that they will visit both real world locations and other Delos parks. While it isn’t certain what other destinations the story will venture to, it appears that ‘Samurai World’ is going to be one of them.

As part of Entertainment Weekly’s latest cover story, they have solely been teasing information about Westworld Season 2. Their latest tease has revealed the real name behind ‘SW’: ShogunWorld. Unfortunately, the news doesn’t come with any more information on the park, however, it’s safe to assume that the revelation is a sign of a visit in the new season.

The Season 2 viral website confirmed the existence of a total of 6 parks, offering a few images of what appeared to be ShogunWorld. Given the lush, picturesque settings we saw in Season 1, exploring Japan’s past will certainly make for some visually stunning television. And with the rapid approach of Season 2, we should be getting some more information of ShogunWorld and more in the coming weeks.

Westworld Season 2 premieres on April 22nd.

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