HBO will debut a trailer for Westworld Season 2 this weekend, during the Super Bowl, and ahead of this, they’ve released a new image and teaser to get us all hyped.

The first season of the epic sci-fi series performed incredibly well for HBO, not only bringing in consistently strong ratings, but acclaim from critics and fans alike. It’s been over a year since Season 1 ended with an enormous cliff-hanger, but Westworld Season 2 is set to premiere this spring.

Now the park’s robotic hosts have rebelled, Westworld will be bigger and much more ambitious in its second season. While we may see Roman and Medieval worlds in Season 2, along with the already teased Samurai World, the show’s immediate focus will be on the aftershocks of Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) gaining sentience and killing her creator.

According to Entertainment Weekly, HBO has purchased their first Super Bowl advertising space in two decades for the Westworld Season 2 trailer, which may not only see new footage from the forthcoming season, but also give us a definitive return date. The trailer, directed by co-creator Jonathan Nolan, reportedly includes footage that isn’t actually part of the show.

Along with this announcement, EW has also obtained the first official image from season 2:

westworld season 2

Admittedly, the image doesn’t exactly give a lot away, we do see Jeffrey Wright as Bernard/Arnold in front of an in-progress host. He won’t be alone, as Ben BarnesLogan is also returning for Westworld Season 2, and shockingly Ford may also be around, either in flesh or host form. The Twitter account for the show released the viral promo clip, teasing the new narrative this season (above), whilst also mentioning Ford, alluding to his possible return.

This mention of Ford may mean that those with knowledge of what actually happened in the finale of Season 1 will be disposed of, and a host version of Ford will be created in order to make it appear as if nothing has changed. The season should provide a little more insight into the company behind Westworld, Delos, and how far they are willing to go in order to keep their customers in the dark.

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