It has been revealed that there is one simple reason why Unravel Two isn’t on the Nintendo Switch – the developers didn’t have the time or resources to move their sequel onto Nintendo’s popular console.

Unravel Two was one of E3 2018’s many surprises, announced during EA’s press conference. It looks and plays like the perfect game for Nintendo’s Switch console, so its absence was quickly noted by fans. However, just because the game isn’t on Switch right now, it doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future.

In Screen Rant’s interview with Coldwood Interactive’s CTO, Jakob Marklund, they asked why Unravel Two wasn’t on Switch when it is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Marklund explained that while they wanted to be able to make the game available on Nintendo’s new console, there were many factors against them:

“The reason is quite simple: the Switch was not released when we started developing the game, and we’re a small studio. So, it’s sort of a… the game engine we’re using is PhyreEngine, it’s an in-house Sony engine that we have built on top on, so we did the Xbox port ourselves and a lot of tech on top of it. So, it’s mainly our own engine that we… we’re a small team, so we didn’t have the time to port the engine for Switch.”

But, along with this, Marklund was asked whether Unravel Two might eventually show up on Switch, to which he replied:

“We would like to do that. It would be great fun because we’re a natural Switch game, but there are some challenges. Even though we may look like, ‘Yeah, this is just a 2D platformer,’ it could be quite simple to do, but actually, some of the scenes there are actually 4 million polygons on-screen and that’s Switch not capable, so we have to sort of scale down the graphics. …. It’s definitely possible to do, but it would take some time.”

This isn’t too surprising, given how well the Nintendo Switch is selling – however the game could just as easily never come to that particular console, as if development takes too long, demand may have faded away.

For now, Unravel Two is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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