Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder.

These are the words you’ll see on the Wonder Woman poster fresh out of San Diego Comic Con.

You know what else I see? I see Pride. I see Power! I see Grace. I see a badass and Wonderful Woman who won’t take any nonsense from nobody!

We also hope you see that we riffed that line from Cool Runnings . No particular reason. Just thought it would be fun.

Gal Gadot brings the eponymous heroine back to our screens June 2nd 2017, following her appearance in this years most divisive movie Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Her part and performance almost saved what could have been an even bigger mess of a film.

The movie will also star Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, an adventurous beau from the days of world war gone by.

We’ll have the news as it comes in.


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