X-Force is looking to begin filming this October, with both Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Cable (Josh Brolin) reprising their roles. This means that the actors won’t have much downtime between the release of Deadpool 2 this May, and returning to begin filming on their new venture.

Based on the comicbook created by Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld in 1991, the X-Force adaptation has been through many changes to get to this point. Originally, Kick-Ass 2 writer/director Jeff Wadlow was lined-up to write the screenplay back in 2013, before he was replaced by Joe Carnahan last year. However, the film eventually landed in the hands of Drew Goddard, and it seems he will be the one to oversee the operation.

Production Weekly (via Digital Spy) is now claiming that X-Force will begin production this October, with Reynolds and Brolin already locked in. Considering what the timeline would be making the film, it does lend itself to a possible 2019 release.

This may also explain why the latest Deadpool 2 trailer heavily suggests that X-Force will be introduced in the film, as a group shot in the ‘Meet Cable’ trailer sees Deadpool and Cable’s cohorts stand alongside them.

Following the Fox/Disney deal, it was announced that Goddard is still attached to the project, which is expected to proceed as planned, alongside the other X-Men films that are currently in production (or post-production) including Deadpool 2, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and New Mutants.

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