According to actor Josh Brolin, Drew Goddard’s X-Force may start filming as soon as next year.

With some Cable experience under his belt, Brolin is just beginning his character’s journey. Set to debut in Deadpool 2 and recently wrapping filming on his X-Men introduction, it still remains unclear how big of a role Brolin’s time travelling mutant will have. However, these movies are a jumping off point for Cable, as we move towards Cable taking his rightful place as co-leader of X-Force.

20th Century Fox is currently developing several X-Men spinoffs, including X-Force, Gambit and Deadpool 3. And while the studio already has other spinoffs ready to hit theatres, X-Force is a priority. It was recently announced that Drew Goddard will write and direct the film – and if rumours are to be believed, it may not be long until Goddard begins filming.

Speaking to Collider, Brolin mentioned a little about his future as Brolin:

“I think [X-Force films] sometime next year or soon thereafter. It depends. It all depends. It depends on how Deadpool 2 does, but I don’t think that’s a make or break kind of deal. Drew Goddard is already involved in it. He’s into it now. I know he and Ryan were meeting. I’ve met him once, and so this is all kind of going ahead. How it goes ahead, I know that they’re preparing, and I know that it’s something that I’m set to do. When it happens they’re going to put it as fast as they can. I think Drew Goddard is doing his movie right now and then once he’s kind of wrapped up with that and this movie comes out I think we’ll be ready to start the other one.”

Based on Fox’s X-Men slate, X-Force will likely not be hitting theatres until mid-2019. Right now, Gambit is taking priority, with location scouts heading out now and production looking to begin early next year, ahead of its February 2019 release date.

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