A newly announced deal between Disney and Fox could see the X-Men brought into the MCU.

Disney is in talks to buy most of 21st Century Fox, including their movie studio 20th Century Fox, which has the film rights to Marvel’s X-Men characters. The acquisition of Fox could see the mutant group united with Marvel’s heroes for the first time in movie history.

Fox has had the rights to the mutants since the 1990s, and has used them to generate several successful franchises, beginning with 2000’s X-Men, with the most recent addition being, Logan, which has generated huge Oscar buzz. Fox also has the rights to Fantastic Four and Deadpool – the former’s most recent reboot being a box office flop, and the latter’s R-rated movie going on to be the biggest hit of 2016. Fox’s TV arm has also teamed up with Marvel on two of this year’s hit mutant series: Legion and The Gifted.

If completed, the merger would be big for Disney. On top of 20th Century Fox – 2017’s fourth-largest studio at the US box office – Disney would also add international businesses like Sky, Fox’s TV studio, and networks like FX and National Geographic to its already gargantuan entertainment portfolio. It comes at a pivotal point for Disney, as they prepare to launch a standalone streaming service which would bring Pixar, Marvel, Disney Animation, and Lucasfilm movies, as well as shows from the likes of Disney Channel – under one roof.

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