Developer Egosoft have announced the Early Access release of their first VR title, X Rebirth VR.

X Rebirth VR is a new standalone game based on X Rebirth: Home of Light completely redesigned and optimised for virtual reality. It will release on Oculus Rift with touch implementation as well as on HTC Vive.

X Rebirth VR thrusts players into the cockpit of their very own spaceship and sends them off into an expansive galaxy in which they must trade, fight, explore and build in order to survive. Players can play as a freelancer, a pirate, a trader or search for their own adventures, completing a variety of missions tailored to each player’s chosen path.

You can pick up X Rebirth VR now on Steam Early Access for a reduced price of 39,99€ / 39,99 US$. Check out a trailer below which shows of the intergalactic exploration game.


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