Play with permadeath once more as the story heads to the University, paying homage to “Obscure”

Fancy a festive fright? If you’re looking for something to scare the socks off you this Friday 13th, look no further than the latest episode in Song of Horror – the fresh new take on the survival horror adventure.

Episode 3 – like the two episodes before it – throws permadeath and multiple lead characters into a world where the enemy adapts to how you play and reacts to your every move. Launching on Steam today, the new episode picks up the story where the last chapter left off, following the evidence as players try and track down missing writer Sebastian P. Husher and get rid of the cursed titular song.

Song of Horror Episode 3 moves to the last place Husher was seen alive, the State University of Arts and Humanities, and introduces some of Husher’s closest acquaintances, bringing in new threads of plot as The Presence ups its attacks and the truth looms large.

In Song of Horror – Episode 3, you will:

  • Continue the adventure in a haunted university, cursed by the Song of Horror.
  • Change characters throughout the episode to explore and progress through different areas of the university.
  • Encounter new characters who join the story: Omar Nassiri, Husher’s coworker, and Grace Richards, Husher’s pupil, as well as an appearance from a surprising character.
  • Take on even more unique events, threats, and challenges by The Presence.

The first three episodes of Song of Horror are now available on Steam for $7.99/€7.99/£6.99 each, with a further two to come in 2020. Indeed, the entire package can be purchased in the form of the Founder Limited Edition at the special price of $19.99/€19.99/£17.14, which is only available until the end of 2019.

All five episodes each pay homage to a specific survival horror genre classic. The debut episode – which sees the player encounter The Presence for the first time – tips its hat to Infogrames’ classic series Alone in the Dark, while episode two is especially pleasing for any fans of the phenomenal Silent Hill. The brand news third episode, however, owes most to survival horror classic Obscure.

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