Zimbra Email Server Editions For Powerful Online Business

Zimbra email collaboration suite is a customized dedicated server that manages all of the mailbox stuffs including mails, contacts, calendar, and attachments. The Check our website significant emails are received from the mail transfer agent server and then passed through any filters that have been created. The received messages are then indexed and deposited into the appropriate mailbox. Moreover, the advance emailing solution has enough space for backup and log files.
The major benefit of Zimbra mailbox click this site server is that it can manage its own storage space and no authority to read or write another server. Thus, this makes the email system highly secure and one can easily manage firewall and monitor the server. The unique e-mailing service offers single server environment that brings all messaging applications on one server. Hence, during installation the computer is configured to disk partition in order to accommodate each of the services.
Zimbra Collaboration Server (ZCS) Editions:
Starter Edition:
The starter edition of collaboration suite is a mailing software that only configured with 15 professional edition mailbox licensing with software updates only. No Zimbra Support is provided with this version and additional mailbox licenses are also not added. The features like Zimbra Mobile, Zimbra Archiving and Discovery are included with the given edition.
Standard Edition:
The Zimbra standard edition is basically an enterprise-grade email and collaboration suite with benefit of unlimited number of mailboxes that can be licensed. Furthermore, zimbra advantage or premium support are available for purchase with the email licenses or can share this site be included with the term licenses.
Professional Edition:
Email network professional edition is also an corporate email and collaboration solution with no limit on the number of mailboxes that can be licensed. The given edition includes rich features like Zimbra email Connector for Outlook, Zimbra Mobile, and Zimbra Archiving and Discovery. Like the standard edition, in this version too, the zimbra advantage and premium support are available that one can purchase dominations cheats hack tool with the on-going email licenses or can be added with the term licenses.
Zimbra Archiving and Discovery:
Zimbra Archiving and Discovery, also called ZAD, is an email archiving and compliance solution available with the professional edition. While authorizing this significant feature for user, the admin only have to alot some additional space needed for archive mailbox. Thus, it does not computed or counted as an extra messaging system.
Open Source Edition:
Zimbra open source network edition is a free and enhanced email collaboration suite best fitted for individuals who own small business. The email server has limited features with only IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) mail support on desktop and mobile devices. The attributes like advanced administration, business continuity and zimbra support that are available in the enterprise zimbra are missing in it`s open source version.

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