Zipper Local News Means Eyes Everywhere

It sounds a little spooky. What if there are eyes everywhere? Before you start thinking it’s just another remake of George Orwell’s 1984, let’s think of both the pro’s and con’s of the Zipper smart phone app and having eyes and cameras every where. To some extent, with cell phones, you already have this and Twitter and Facebook already provide a platform to display these images. The deal is to make this local and the Zipper smart phone app aims to do this. So let’s dig into both the good and bad of having eyes everywhere for local news.

First, let’s lead with an example. You’re kicking back at a restaurant at an outdoor table. Everything’s pretty sweet and the place is packed. Let’s say it’s 3rd St Promenade in Santa Monica. 1000’s of people everywhere. Your eye catches this giant, yellow (sorry, Golden) 70’s Skylark which is slowly veering into the pedestrian area. You figure it’s going to readjust any second now but it keeps coming. YOu panic but the people in front of the car are 30 yards away and they won’t hear you anyway. The driver is quite a bit older and obvious disoriented. You pull out your smart phone to capture it in case the cops need to know what’s going on. The car avoids people but runs right into the the front of a Forever 21 store window. There’s a loud crash because even at only 10 mile per hour, some this website mannequins are going to meet their end. You flip to the Zipper and add a quick post with a picture attached. People on the other side are also rezipping and posting about the 76 year old smashing the Forever 21. I guess their store name was a bit of embellishment. The traffic starts to back up where the Skylark juts out into the street and before long, not much is getting through. On the Zipper, people start to plot ways to get around and better routes now that the street is completely backed up. That’s the Zipper Check our website and that’s what happens when you have eyes everywhere. Is this good or bad?

Well, it’s good for the people stuck in traffic to know what’s going on. It’s also good for people down the block to see what all the commotion is about. Maybe not as good for the Skylark driver but everyone saw what happened anyway. Eyes everywhere shouldn’t be an hay day hacks issue unless you’re doing something really wrong. No one’s going to post about you drinking a Capuchino unless it’s 5 feet tall or something. That’s part of the definition of local news to begin with. It has to be something newsworthy. of course, not everything is life and death (or Forever 21 destruction). Some things are just really cool to see and they’re fleeting. This is where eyes everywhere can be sweet. Maybe there’s a sweet new piece of graffiti or a special 2 for 1 deal at a local restaurant. Maybe something wild happened at the local park or Le Bron James showed up for a pick up game downtown. The Zipper is the fast way to capture that on a local basis since there is no pre-existing relationship needed except for a locale. We all have one of those. Eyes everywhere then gives you a vantage point of all the interesting things going on in your area as they occur. Hard to see a downside there.

Dennis Jarvis writes extensively about local news and local gossip smart phone apps.?His articles help savvy app users to find the best tools including free texting and private texting on the app market.

Dennis Jarvis writes extensively about local news and local gossip smart phone apps. His articles can be found at

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