ZNZ One – ZipNadaZilch Honest Review

I am going to go ahead and let all of you know now, before people feel the need to kick dirt on something they have never tried before that this program I use to work from home is NOT a scam…

The reason I wanted to throw that out there is because a lot of people are quick to say something is a scam when they have never even tried it. Or either they HAVE tried it, but they weren’t successful with it, or it didn’t turn out the way they pictured it from jump street. I am a work from home mother of two who has struggled for the past year looking for a way I could make an income from home.

Now, just like so many others I have been scammed out of my money (approximately $600) and spent months on programs that took me nowhere and made me no more than a few bucks. I have finally found a program that I wanted to share with anyone of you who are looking for a real way to make some cash from home. But the best thing about this program is that it is 100% FREE to start, no investments needed EVER and you can actually start making money today if you wanted.

Now I’m sure if you have made it this far you are interested in this program and are ready to know exactly what it is. Well this program is called ZipNadaZilch (ZNZ One). I was referred by another friend of mine who has been looking for work at home as well. So she put it up on her Facebook, and I messaged her for more info. Ok, you could say this is my testimony I guess… But she sent me a link and told me all about it. I signed up right when she sent it to me, because its free to register. Now when I signed up, I seen that I had to complete a free trail offer. So I called her and basically told her I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do that. Seeing that I had been scammed so many times before. She told me that she had just started as well and as soon as she got her first payment she would let me know. Well it wasn’t until the star wars galaxy of heroes cheats next couple of hours she called sounding overly excited telling me she had signed her aunt up, who completed her free trail offer and she was paid $20 for her one sign up into her paypal. So now Im like WOW… This program is REAL… I logged back in and did a free trail with the most popular FreeCreditReport and a couple hours later again she called me and said she had a surprise for me, and to check my email. When I checked my email I had seen that she had wired me $10 to my paypal, Check our website half of the $20 that she made off of me. (Shes a sweetie pie 🙂 ). After I did my free trail I had seen that I had received my credit and could now refer people myself… Now it took me until the next day to get my first sign-ups. And TAA-DAA I got paid, I couldn’t have been more happy about anything else that day.

Well now that you have heard how I got started, now I can tell you a little more about ZipNadaZilch. ZipNadaZilch works along side fortune 500 companies these companies consist of, FreeCreditReport and Magic Jack to name a couple. These companies pay ZNZ to advertise their product and ZNZ pays people like you and me to bring in referrals to try their free offers. You do get paid 20 dollars for each referral that you bring into ZipNadaZilch. They pay you the same day directly into your paypal, alertpay, or by check. You may want to set up a paypal if you don’t already have one. They do ask you to complete a free trial offer to get started, as you love here seen above I have done the offer myself and they do not charge you anything. In 3-5 days you will cancel, and I have put together a training site for you to get the free trail number and cancel.

Just like anyone else may have been, I had to remind myself that these are major companies, so “free trail” means “free trail”. If you are like me and you have been scammed or just need income, then CLICK the link on my profile or in my signature to get started with ZipNadaZilch yourself! I need testimonials for my training site anyway. The link will take you to a page that I put together to tell you much more about ZipNadaZilch and see all of my proof, and will help get you set up. I can’t for you guys to share this site try this program, by far it had GDI BEAT!! Yea, because I tried that program too, and I really disliked it. But thanks for taking the time out to read this, as you see I typed a lot. But my name is Brittany, you’ll find some of my videos on youtube, and you may even speak with me when you sign up. But enjoy ZNZ, and your welcome 🙂

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