Zombies, Robots and Barbarians

Some fairly decent stuff this week. Let’s hope the snows of Baltimore do not destroy, delay and other wise defray our comic books from getting from Diamond to our hot little hands.

BOOKS SUCH AS Dark Horse’s new title: Devil #1 (Looks like a super great anime/vampire mash up), DC’s Batman #696, and Blackest Night: The Flash #3 which features Blue Lantern Barry Allen up against his old, dead nemesis a.k.a. Eobard Thawne, a.k.a. Professor Zoom, a.k.a. The Reverse Flash, a.k.a. Black Lantern Black Flash. I might turn to crime, too, if my name was Eobard, but I CERTAINLY wouldn’t ‘reverse-flash’ people!

Zombies VS Robots: Aventure #1, Chris Ryall (w), Various (a), IDW

In 2002 I published a cult comic book called Robots are Cool, Zombies are Jerks. It was, predictably, about Robots fighting Zombies across the universe. In 2006 Chris Ryall, the publisher of IDW comics began his collaboration with Ashley Wood on a little book they called Robots VS Zombies. Guess what it was about.

Chris and I had a brief correspondence over this issue, which cumulated in me sending him comp copies of my comic and him never speaking to me again. Typical.

Let’s set the record straight: I LOVE IDW’s Robots VS Zombies. I loved the follow up comic, Robots VS Zombies VS Amazons even MORE! Chris’ funny quips on top of Ashley’s JAW DROPPING art astounds my fertile imagination! SO MUCH action, humor and gorgeous art the dang thing should be read by everybody at least once.

Look around, there might still have a couple of copies of the well priced ($20) collections!

NOW Chris is starting up a RVZ monthly. The first issue, which Diamond assure me ships this week but you know how these things go, has collaborator Ashley’s name big Check our website and bold on the cover. I understand that is all the Australian wunderkind will be supplying: the covers.

Sure, they have lots of great guest artists inside the pages. Menton Matthews III is impressive, though Paul McCaffrey (Still a better artist than me, mind) isn’t quite. The point is, without Ashley Woods this is just another Zombie comic in a market that is fairly flooded, BUT WITH a tricky name switcheroo below the titles.

Diagnosis: Buy one issue. If it stinks on ice we world of tanks blitz hack cheats shall burn our copies and never look back. AND SHAME ON YOU, IDW for putting your cover artist’s name above the interior artist’s. SHAME!

Joe the Barbarian #1, Grant Morrison (W), Sean love here Murphy (A), DC/Vertigo

A new, weird Grant Morrison comic? MUST BUY!!!!


Image has Chase Variant #1, a comic I know nothing about except that Rob Liefeld is doing a Chase Variant cover for it – clever. Marvel has Daredevil #505 (Daredevil is running the hand. It doesn’t mean what you think) and Dark Avengers #14, a Siege tie-in. Me? I might buy Black Widow and the Marvel Girls #4. It’s gonna have the Mole Man!


While Marvel continues to run variant covers of every single title they share this site ship with Deadpool slapped thereupon, DC gives us this amazing image of Red Lantern Guy Garner wielding a chainsaw made of blood in space! Look out, Killawog!

SHAZOOOM! Who knows or cares if the book is any good, that’s one HECK of a cover!

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